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TEAM : Core Team Green, Smith and Mak joined together to build a media production company to tell stories of the Earth, in a trans-media platform, for Film, TV and Documentary to give a voice to stories of victims of environmental crimes. , and stories of the earth globally. Darylle Mak - Partner-Producer-Writer Darylle Mak is an executive financing producer and the lead producer on the team . She has worked in film raising capital for 8 years. Her fundraising skills were groomed in theatre, and in non-profit art organizations raising private equity funds and grants. She spent years as a Producer -Director -Writer in theatre and created companies and productions internationally, and regionally in the US. Her MFA studies were in the bay area at CCAC, and her BA is from Hampshire College in Amherst, Ma. As a freelance writer she has developed and sold scripts under contract for various independent producers and has written two books. She was privileged to be raised around the world and speaks multiple languages, which informs the global focus of the company's mission to reach audience's internationally ,as well as domestically RG Green -Partner -Co Producer -writer RG..Green - Partner- Writer- Producer contributes two decades of insights from experiences as a geologist, environmental consultant, and forensic environmental scientist. He has worked for giant corporations defending their accidents. After many years, seeing these industrial giants beat down the victims, with money and power. RG. became fed up, and went to work fighting for the plaintiffs. He’s worked on dozens of high-profile litigation's of environmental cases, and seen outcomes repeatedly gag the ability to speak out publicly, or implement needed changes in the community by the powers that be -- Scott Smith Partner Co Producer - Chief Technology Officer & Investigator Scott Smith is the Chief Technology Officer & Investigator at Water Defense and the named inventor on six issued patents and fourteen patent pending applications relating to specialty foams used for both water testing and remediation of polluted waterways, one of which covers the open-cell foam base material of the Water Defense Waterbug. In 2008 he was the recipient of the SBA Phoenix Award for Small Business Disaster Recovery after his manufacturing business was hit by a devastating flood. Scott has been to every major oil spill site and Bakken oil train explosion since 2010 – over 60 different locations in the US and abroad – earning him the nickname Toxic Avenger. Scott is a graduate of Baylor University and Harvard Business School. Peregrine - Philanthropist Bio engineer Inventor Production Team Donald Ranvaud - Creative Producer Donald Ranvaud is a British film producer, who has had producing roles on a number of Oscar-nominated films including The Constant Gardener (2005), City of God (2002), Central Station (1998) and Farewell My Concubine (1993). He is now best known for his work in the Latin American film industry, especially in Brazil and Bolivia. Donald worked with filmakers to expand independent film making in China from 1989 to 1993 and in Latin America from 1994 to present. As Buena Onda's Creative Director since 2003, Donald has continued to help filmmakers access world markets. Danny Bergeron - Co Producer Danny Bergeron is a Canadian pioneer of the computer-generated animation industry, co-founding Mokko Studios in 2002. In 2003 Danny began to push the creative and technical limits of visual effects and animation for film, television, and commercials. He has executive supervised visual effects for numerous feature films, including Underworld: Awakening (2012), Riddick (2013), and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). As a seasoned entrepreneur, Danny brings an unerring passion to servicing the global market through large-scale entertainment projects. Danny Webber - Attorney Danny Webber is a founding partner of the Canadian entertainment law firm Hall Webber and has been in private practice since 1999. He has developed a diverse clientele of entertainment professionals including producers, directors, actors, distributors, screenwriters, talent agents, and digital effects specialists, among many others. He advises on all aspects of development, production, financing, intellectual property protection, licensing, and distribution for feature films and television, as well as theatre. Danny brings exceptional legal experience and strength to the team as well as skills that have helped secure top talent for the project. Perry Zimel - Co Producer Perry Zimel is a partner in the talent and literary management company, Oscars Abrams Zimel and Associates, one of North America's premier and highly-respected management companies. Zimel's clients include many of the actors, writers and producers that make up Canada's A-List including Henry Czerny, Andrea Martin, Jerry Ciccoritti and Christopher Plummer. He is also a successful producer and has mentored many actors. GREENWOMB PRODUCTIONS : Greenwomb Production's mission is creating original stories about the earth via film, TV, web and documentary in trans media formats. Our projects focus on a four-quadrant market - primarily the family demographic. Our content is original, has artistic vision, commercial value, and is environmentally themed to reach an international marketplace. Greenwomb Productions welcomes alliances and partnerships with other entertainment professionals to finance, produce, develop and distribute. We currently have two feature films, and three series in various stages of development and production, and two books being published. General inquiries Green, Smith and Mak joined together to build a media production company to tell stories of the Earth creating a trans-media platform in Film, TV and Documentary to give voice to stories of the Earth, and victims of environmental crimes. Info@greenwombproductions.com Production and investor inquires dmpro@greenwombproductions.com All content and original art and images Copyright ©2016 Greenwomb Productions PRESS NEWS : Latest Terra Infirma News Six Michigan employees were charged Friday with misconduct in office for their alleged roles in the lead contamination of Flint's water supply, which has exposed thousands of children to the toxin and left most city residents drinking bottled water for more than two years. Click Link: Six more Michigan employees charged with misconduct in Flint water crisis PREVIEW : Your browser will not properly read a PDF file. Click HERE to download to view the PDF. Terra Infirma’s storyline is based on integrating Smith' and Green’s field work and experiences. The film blends science, technology, current events, historical cases, and environmental crime into a science - fiction - thriller for family audiences globally . CALL TO ACTION : Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the Gold King Mine spill that dumped 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into the Animus River in Colorado. The waste, consisting of caustic elements such as lead, barium, chromium and manganese, then fed into the San Juan River, affecting farmlands on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. Link: One Year After Gold King Mine Spill, River Beds Still Recovering | KJZZ An oil plume is travelling down the river after a pipeline break in the area, reported by Husky Energy on Thursday. Containment booms have been set up in several locations downstream of the spill, but one reportedly breached on Saturday. Link: Oil-drenched birds treated near site of Husky pipeline leak in Saskatchewan On September 7, 2016, amid great concern about the future of water quality and quantity, Marquette Law School will host a conference titled “Public Policy and American Drinking Water.” The conference will take an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the legal, scientific, engineering, and Banner logo - Earth in a dropenvironmental water issues that fill today’s news and touch all of our lives. Link: Drinking water Officials in Saskatchewan are preparing a city of more than 35,000 people to treat storm pond water as a backup as oil from a pipeline leak makes it way along a major river in the province. Link: Saskatchewan city gets backup water supply ready as oil spill nears Authorities have recovered at least 40 per cent of the 1,572 barrels of oil that leaked into a major western Canadian river, but the spill is still moving downstream and threatening the drinking water of riverside communities, officials said on Sunday. Link: Husky Energy oil spill threatens drinking water in Saskatchewan Water defense meets with the EPA in Flint Michigan. Link: Water Defense Meets with EPA - Flint, Michigan. Canadian oil transport giant Enbridge has reached a $177-million settlement with the U.S. Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency over 2010 oil spills in Marshall and Romeoville, Ill. Link: Enbridge hit with a $177M bill for Michigan, Illinois oil spills Officials in Saskatchewan are preparing a city of more than 35,000 people to treat storm pond water as a backup as oil from a pipeline leak makes it way along a major river in the province. Link: Saskatchewan city gets backup water supply ready as oil spill approaches Massachusetts is at greater risk than all but five other states from ground water that’s potentially corrosive enough to cause toxic metals in household pipes to leach into drinking water, according to a new report by the US Geological Survey. Link:As much as 90 percent of ground water in Mass. may be corrosive